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Iran ,Khorasanrazavi ,Mashhad

Saina Shahvar Investment & Tourism

Project specifications

Investment and tourism

Saina Air,Saina Rail ,Saina Road

  1.                                                                      Saina Shahvar Of Activities

Sina Air

Investing and creating a tourism and travel service office (motel), import and production and productivity of air buses and airplanes and using its achievements in the tourism and advertising industry.

Sina Road

Creation of refrigerated unloading and loading terminals and refrigerated container fleet at the target points of the North-South and East-West corridors and transit routes of sub-zero and refrigerated goods.

Saina Rail

Designing, producing and creating camp wagon services on the country’s railway routes with the aim of attracting domestic and foreign tourists with the mobile suite method and developing tourism for specific target groups in places without amenities.

Investing and creating fuel supply sites and essential services and relief in the routes and axes of access to nature tourism places and building necessary camping sites in forests and resorts.

Creating shooting and hunting clubs with the classic method

(disc throwing) and using hunting birds in special ecotourism and nature tourism environments.

Activities in the field of obtaining visas, arranging and carrying out domestic and foreign group travel, booking places and any Iranian tourism and world tourism services in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.

Investing, participating and providing services, manufacturing equipment and supplies, manufacturing and building machines and vehicles related to air, land, sea and rail transportation industry.