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Pheasant, partridge, duck and goose

Fertilized eggs, day-old chicks and breeders


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Pheasant, partridge, duck and goose by MAP method

partridge meat

One of the delicious meats that you can substitute for chicken is partridge meat. The properties of partridge meat are so great that it can even replace red meat in your diet.
The properties of partridge meat are used in traditional medicine to treat diseases such as: joint pain, strengthening physical and sexual powers, strengthening memory, stopping fever and solving nervous problems. Poroty brand has marketed Poroty quail meat packaged with Map technology.

pheasant meat

In many countries, pheasant meat is one of the healthiest meat protein options for human health due to its low calories and high protein. Pheasants are very resistant birds and usually no drugs or antibiotics are used in their breeding, therefore pheasant meat is a very good alternative for a healthy diet. Poroty pheasant meat is available in the market with high quality packaging and long shelf life.

Turkey meat

Due to its special texture, turkey meat does not lose its volume during cooking. Turkey meat is known as one of the best sources of animal protein and minerals with low cholesterol and fat. Consuming turkey meat is a very suitable option especially for people who are unable to use red meat due to certain diseases such as heart disease and high blood fat. Poroty turkey meat with Map packaging is now available in stores.

All kinds of edible and fertile eggs

Partridge eggs and poroty pheasant eggs are available in edible packaging, as well as fertilized eggs for you dear compatriots.

All kinds of protein products

Poroty pheasant sausages

Poroty pheasant sausages are suitable products for export markets to neighboring countries. Dear traders and merchants, considering that this product produced for the first time in Iran can be among the best-selling export products, it is an honor to contact us for order and cooperation.

Poroty protein products contain 70-90% pheasant meat and have a high protein content, and enjoy the originality of the taste of pheasant meat by testing our products.

To order all kinds of sausages , please contact the numbers below.

09029209797 – 09029208383

Protein finger foods with pheasant، partridge and turkey meat